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Destroying By Example : Erik Ellington

“What I was doing was not leading by example… I was destroying by example.” Some pretty poignant words from pro skateboarding veteran, Erik Ellington. Baker Boys founder, co-owner of Deathwish and sponsored by an impressive list of companies like the one supporting this short film, KR3W, to Thunder, Spitfire and Supra, Ellington seemingly has it all. But the drug and alcohol infused lifestyle he adopted in all his years pro skating, nearly put his whole life in jeopardy one night in Colorado.

Skating seemingly lends well to excess and addiction. Maybe that's too much of a sweeping statement but I could point to here for a start and perhaps a list of other guys like Chad Muska, Tony Alva and Bam Margera.

That's essentially where this short draws it's inspiration. Erik's boldly honest here about how he almost fucked his life up and it just happens to be very beautifully shot and scored. The song at the end is killer from Irish band, Come On Live Long. Listen to that here. Epicly Later'd might be your go to if you're looking for more stories akin to this one. Press play and enjoy below.