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Sean Malto : Recovery

Sean Malto destroyed his ankle back in 2013. It was later dubbed the "Ankle Roll from Hell" and if you click through you can check that out if you want to. Since then, he's been on the road to recovery, attempting to get back to full strength and make it back to competitive skating. This short from Ghost Digital Cinema  (Ty Evans) details that journey. The production team has low key teamed up with Apple on with one as on top of the fact the whole thing was shot with iPhone, there's some little nods to the Apple watch in there as well. Perhaps, it was just an organic thing but it's hard not to be cynical at this point when it comes to content creation and endorsement. That being said, they're not terribly in your face with it so the products actually allow the story to be told in a sympathetic way.

Regardless, the clip is nicely edited and gives us some day to day insight from him and what he gets up to. When I say it was done fully on iPhone, that isn't strictly true, as when you check out the "Equipment Partners", you'll see there's a whole gang of rigs, accessories and grips that go into making this. However, it is impressive that you can push a device that slips into your pocket with all it's uses to that degree, so as to make a professional looking film. Press play below and enjoy.