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All This Mayhem

 Tas & Ben Pappas

Tas & Ben Pappas

A somewhat controversial subplot to the film arose around the story of Tony Hawk making the world’s first 900 at the ’99 X games. It’s hard to distinguish whether or not this fable features as a means to build hype for the film, something I don’t think it needs.

However, it’s definitely interesting to see a different side to the story, albeit, potentially, compromised. All This Mayhem is available to purchase on iTunes or you can stream it on Netflix now. 

All This Mayhem, a piece by Vice Films, came out a little over a year ago, documents the tragic tale of two brothers growing up in the vert skate scene of the late 80’s and early 90’s. The film looks at Tas and Ben Pappa’s lives, chronicling their rise to fame and subsequent downfall. Certain aspects of the story are side stepped seemingly but it is ultimately a compelling watch. The film deals with a distressing string of events as a result of battling addictions and coping with loss, making the piece particularly engrossing. 

Trailer for All This Mayhem