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Jun Cha : Creative Process

Re-discovered this piece by Jun Cha and Monarc Studios today, talking about his creative process and explaining the ethos behind Monarc.

If you can spare five minutes, get enlightened through Jun, an insanely talented black and grey tattoo artist. Based in Los Angeles, he began at the age of 16, drawing inspiration from Baroque and Renaissance era painting and sculpture.

No words wasted in this, succinct, beautifully shot, extremely inspirational clip. 

“Nothing of real value or high quality comes without intense labour and sacrifice.”
— Jun Cha

MONARC is a vision to merge tattoo, fine art and design into a new genre and creative process. Located in downtown Los Angeles’ arts district, MONARC’s private studio is the first to lead the next level of black and grey tattooing by focusing on the raw experience, collaboration, and cultivation of the process to push the movement forward. MONARC.