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Between The Lines : RISK

Havoc TV sit down with legendary graffiti artist, RISK (Kelly Graval) for Between The Lines, a candid little interview about his journey thus far. The artist talks about a chance encounter that led to him stealing some spray paint, ditching school and "getting up". I first read about RISK's work in college, flipping through the book, "Graffiti World" forming research for my dissertation. It only gave me a little blurb about how he was part of a seminal group of artist in the late 80's based in LA. 

It's nice to hear more from the artist himself, seeing his current working space, walls racked with paint, the monologue interspersed with photos of his work. He tells some little anecdotes about working with some musicians during their peak like Michael Jackson and Ice Cube, before speaking on his future career. Press play below and enjoy.