ÖCTAGON have released their latest skate edit come lookbook, PERCEPTIÖN in support of their new Spring/Summer drop. The team are seemingly big fans of the conceptual approach, as was previously explored with their last clip SURVEYÖR. The narrative with that clip : Öctagon is totalitarian. Every human notion has been replaced by data and individuals are constantly under surveillance, which is insured by Surveyör. The program is checking the data transformation to their tasks state. They claim this time around that,

The first cyborgs were on. Autonomous and programmed to disconnect every opponent to the unique reality diktat, they would be a continuous threat for us. Besides eyes, the system had now tentacles everywhere.
— Öctagon

Notable track features come from Aphex Twin and Shlohmo whilst mastered is handled by  Pyramide Studio. The videography isn't terribly groundbreaking. A skate video is a skate video after all. However, the editing of the monochromatic footage syncs really well with the score. There's a sort of futuristic, glitchy feel to the clip that gives it fresh appeal. If you want to check out the new apparel, featuring printed short/long sleeve t shirts and hooded sweatshirts, head over to their webstore come March 30th.