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Richie Jackson : Death Skateboards

This is quite possibly one of the coolest skate parts I’ve seen in a while. Kiwi skater, Richie Jackson filmed this session for Death Skateboards, released through Thrasher Mag a couple days ago. Since then, it’s went viral, amassing over a million views, for pretty obvious reasons.

If you love technical freestyle skating then this will be right up your street as Jackson rips on the most awkward and off the beaten path you’ll find. Unafraid to use some props and wreck himself in the process, you'll see some ridiculously creative stuff. His clothing selection is a sight to behold as well, pulling out the 70’s bell bottoms, big belt buckles, crazy shirts and waistcoats, not to mention a stellar ‘tache. Anyway, just press play and enjoy one of the most original clips you’ll see for a long time.