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Gonz Storage Space : Mark Gonzales

It’d seem every other post on here has some sort of Adidas affiliation as of late but I swear there’s no sponsorship deal. If only. They are straight up killing it up and down the roster with the skate team, Y-3 and of course the Yeezy. The latest 3-stripe co-sign comes in the form of Mark Gonzales’ latest exhibition at Tampa skate shop, The Boardr, fittingly entitled “Storage Space”. If you have a spare ten minutes, check out the walkthrough of the space with The Gonz below.

For many years, Gonzales has been hoarding artwork, shoes, clothing, skate decks, collectibles and well, just about anything you can imagine in some rented storage rooms in New York City. It appears that he wanted to get rid of the spots and so the dudes at Boardr hitched a trailer and packed up all his shit to compile the exhibition/auction collection. They document the process as Gonzales hilariously riffs off the discoveries he’s long forgotten about and as they say in the piece, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” This was a one night only sort of deal so unfortunately you can’t go check it out. You can however, see a recap of the launch night with a little cameo from Skin Phillips in the clip below.