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Graphic Means

Check out this trailer for Graphic Means, a succesful Kickstarter project from last year, now at post-production stage. Click through there for a more in depth look at the crew, interviewees and the rewards. 

This piece, from director Briar Levit focuses in on the graphic design process pre desktop publishing era. Any one using Photoshop or Illustrator now, mightn’t appreciate the fact many of the processes you carry out with the click of a button or swipe of a trackpad were laboriously carried out by hand as little as 30 years ago. The designers featured in this film have obviously straddled those lines between old school and new, with the success of the Kickstarter most likely down to nostalgia for those who lived through it and intrigue for those who didn’t. 

I remember pissing around on Quark XPress whilst on placement for school just over a decade ago, thinking how lucky I was to skip out all the time consuming letraset, formatting, pasting and cumbersome print machinery. Now, funnily enough, it’s something I’d love to get into and know more about. A lot of the processes behind creating content for Deadbeat are considered old hat, even by today’s standards. Hand drawn imagery, scanning and correcting. But there’s something about that which I enjoy, instead of just using an ultra-expensive drawing tablet. Anyway, enough hooey. Press play and enjoy the clip. Cheers for reading.