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Chaz : In Parts

Chaz Bundick, is a multi-talented musician and visual artist though you might know him better by his performing moniker, which we find out he came up with at the age of 15, Toro Y Moi. This short documentary is a sort of day to day chopped up nicely, you guessed it, in parts.

The piece loosely follows the creation of a track from it’s inception to performance on a live stage. All along Chaz narrates the home-video footage, studio sessions and performance. 

Beyond playing several instruments and writing and recording all of his own music, Chaz is a graphic designer come illustrator. We see some of his artwork and catch a quick clip of him doing some really clean illustration. You can see the little doodles in his notebook that came to form his visual identity and branding. It’s pretty awesome to see his creative process unfold, knowing he has complete control of the aesthetic outcome. There are some gems in there as well from his dog licking his toes, to vacuuming the bath and casually painting his piano white. Really recommend checking out this short 15-minute piece below. Press play and enjoy.

A film by Harry Israelson // Sound mixed by Sam Plattner