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FUCKKKYOUUU : Flying Lotus X Eddie Alcazar

So my Monday was going pretty regularly. Arranged a meeting, messaged some illustrators about a new feature series I want to run and updated my portfolio page a little bit. Pretty standard. Then I got a notification that Flying Lotus published a new video on the internets. Having all but shat myself, I clicked through to find “FUCKKKYOUU”. If I hadn’t soiled myself minutes earlier, I certainly felt the desire to 8 and a half minutes later after watching the new short film directed by Eddie Alcazar and scored by none other than FlyLo. This wasn’t what I was expecting.

With the ability to travel in time, a lonely girl finds love and comfort by connecting with her past self. Eventually faced with rejection she struggles with her identity and gender, and as time folds onto itself only one of them can remain.

You can read the description for the story beneath the video. I strongly recommend doing so otherwise you’re in for a strong portion of “What the fuck?!” There was something missing for me though. I’m not entirely sure what as with the pretext we have in the video description, the narrative is evident. The score is undoubtedly beautiful, jarring at times and deeply immersive. The cinematography is exceptional as well. The 60’s horror movie influences are apparent in both score and picture making, enhanced by the starkness of shooting in black and white. The piece certainly doesn’t lack cohesion in marrying sound and visual whatsoever but the narrative could have been stronger for me. Either way, this isn’t the artist’s first foray into film and won’t be the last. The piece is currently showing at the Sundance Film Festival as an Official Selection. It’s well worth directing your peepers to. So press play and enjoy.