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Visual Pairing : Day In The Life X Anatomy Of A Scene

Today’s visual pairing is a quick one after taking a break from projects to browse the interwebs. I came across these two short videos that I felt were worth checking out. The first follows a day in the life with N.Y born, Los Angeles native, Van Styles. My only knowledge of the dude before watching this video was associating his name with snapping scantily clad women in streetwear. From LRG and Supreme to Diamond Supply Co. and HUF, it was evident there was some sort of skateboarding influence in the beginning beneath those oversized tees and hoodies adorning the umpteen girls he took pictures of. 

In this piece, we see what kit he likes to use, including camera bodies, lenses and his bag. We take a little trip to his studio where I got my first look at his streetwear endeavour, V/SUAL. Fair play to the dude for fusing what he loves to do with something he’s most likely gained a great knowledge of, working over the years for other people. If you click through, you’ll see the V/SUAL offering doesn’t deviate too much from what we already know of Styles, and that isn’t a bad thing. It shows integrity. He’s just making and living what he sees and does every day. Some people might hate because that just so happens to involve semi naked females and awesome scenery 90% of the time. I love some smart branding swell and the picture mark is very well thought out. Clean and simple. Press play and check it out above.

Next up, we have “Anatomy of the Scene”, from the New York Times with director, Alejandro Iñárritu, breaking down a great scene from latest critically acclaimed masterpiece, “The Revenant”. We reviewed it last week so click through here for that. In this piece, Inarittu gives a little more information on locations as well as how and why they shot the sequence as they did. If anything, I’d press play to listen to his voice because his accent is glorious. Enjoy. Cheers!