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Visual Pairing : Painted Oceans X Explosions of Colour

Thrown together another little visual pairing for you today. This first clip, “Explosions of Colour : Chromatic 2”, directed by skate videographer Darren Dyk. This guy loves some epic slow motion and whether you’re a true skater or not, you can appreciate the resulting visual. I could see some skaters calling this a gimmick but I think it turned out pretty sweet. This piece is shot with a Phantom V12.1 camera which will set you back about £16,000 so I’m assuming the boys rented this one. Skaters, Ryan Thompson, Jason Bastian and Jonathan Bastian kick up some coloured dust with their flat land tricks. Find more slo-mo clips at the Beyond Slow Motion page here. Press play and enjoy.

The second visual worth your time comes courtesy of director Pascal Franchot. The Painted Oceans project is pretty all encompassing as Tristan Eaton has assembled a prolific bunch of street artists to grace the Red Sands Sea Forts, off the coast of Kent, adorning the site with their diverse range of mural work. On the card, joining Eaton, Shepard Fairey, Futura, How & Nosm and the London Police. If you click through to the kickstarter here you’ll see the crew is looking $200,000 to make the project happen this Summer with rewards such as digital copies of the documentary, merchandise, original artwork and VIP passes to some of their more outlandish goings on. That would be the boat party finale mainly. Other than that, we can expect a pirate radio station while the crew is at sea plying their trade and a coffee table book when all is done. Press play and get educated if you want to see the piece come to light.