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Mike Dean : Grande Faucon

It's pretty rare that I'll post a single track on here as generally I'd imagine it getting swallowed into the ether of the internet much quicker for some reason. But when I came across this process video and resulting cut from legendary producer Mike Dean, I felt compelled to broaden it's reach. You can check the caption for the video for the details behind "Grande Faucon", but know that this glistening, textured production was synthesized in just 48 hours.

I'd urge you to use some decent headphones so you don't miss the finer details of this mix which really goes off for me at the 3.20 mark. The sound is just so huge and Mike creates a vibe that encapsulates many spheres of influence. The obvious being some old school video games fused with his aural language as a hip hop/ rap producer. The general badassery has some Travis Scott mixtape vibes for me or maybe sounds like a roided Drive SoundtrackPress play on the process and find the final track below. Enjoy.

Mike Dean, one of the rap game's most prolific producers and its reigning master keyboardist, spent a weekend in the Moog Music Factory. Surrounded by analog synthesizers and immersed in an environment of experimentation, Mike selected 6x Mother-32 synthesizers to create his sonic palette and a Voyager XL as his master controller.