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Things That Are Well Good : Five Tracks

Although the next week will most likely be consumed with playing the new Deftones record, Gore until I make myself violently ill of it, I was always going to do a "Five Tracks" for the past week. So press play on these new tracks below and read some words about why you should so. First up, we have the latest visual for a free single Chance The Rapper dropped last year, Angels. There's something undeniably feel good about this record, even with the bubblegum dance routine video. Chance's flow, ad libs, the soulful instrumentation and the catchy hook with help from Saba make for a record you could easily stick on repeat. If you want to check out the first, very energetic live performance on the Stephen Colbert Report, click through here.

Next up, Schoolboy Q's latest effort, Groovy Tony, presumably off his next full length album due this year. This video is crazy good, nightmarish and gritty. The beat, progressive, sort of roughed up and dark which is where I think Q flourishes. True fans will most likely want a lot more of this with the new LP. Personally, I think it's a good time for another album from Q, who seemed pretty beaten down by the process of making Oxymoron, referring to this period. In light of what Kendrick's done recently, particularly with the Untitled Unmastered album, perhaps there's more of a sense of freedom there for the other TDE guys to truly do what they do best. 

The next couple of spots here are reserved for some Deftones record cuts. My two favourite tracks are currently, "Doomed User" and "Hearts/Wires". This is their 8th LP and once again, they've released a remarkable project. "Doomed User" kicks off with a beefy bass line that envelops into a nice heavy metal, feedback laced riff that marries so well with Moreno's singing. No visuals, but press play below for the official audio.

"Hearts/Wires" might be my current favourite as the track soars with a great vocal performance once again from Moreno. The guitars are melodic and just heavy enough to compliment and enhance his falsetto.

The final track worth your time is Aesop Rock's "Blood Sandwich". You'll find him watching some old footage whilst reminiscing about his relationships with his brothers in this visual. The instrumental is sort of split in two in this track, as Aesop gets into his story telling mode right off the bat with humility and honesty. "The Impossible Kid" drops at the end of the month on Rhymesayer and I'm pretty sure it'll be one of the best hip hip albums of the year. On a sidenote, Rock's cadence and flow reminds me of Busdriver a little on this one. Definitely check out his last project on Soundcloud if you haven't yet. Cheers for checking out Five Tracks this week.