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Archy Marshall : A New Place 2 Drown

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Archy Marshall aka King Krule aka Zoo Kid makes a return rather awesomely with his brother, Jack, in tow for a multidisciplinary project that sees a book, film and audio release, entitled “A New Place 2 Drown” come Dec 10th. Fuck. Yes. Archy has pretty much grown his teens out under the spotlight, self releasing “Out Getting Ribs” at the age of 15 under the Zoo Kid moniker. I remember listening to that song when it came out in disbelief at the fact this young dude was slaying with his weighty baritone vocal over such a nice riff. It was as raw as it was complex and layered.

I also remember the sinking feeling realising then, at 21, I didn’t feel confident enough to put out a creative body of work like that. We’ve seen Archy outgrow his various monikers to this point where he’s ready to release something using his real name. Maybe it’s an arrival of sorts, or not.

Out Getting Ribs - Performed By Archy Marshall Video directed by Pegs

Fast forward from Zoo Kid era to debut album release “6 Feet Beneath The Moon” as King Krule. The punky vocal, spoken word is comfortable. The greatest accomplishment is the exalting sense of melancholy Archy can embellish a track with. More to that, the production value is levelled up. A few collaborations with some of my other favourite up and comers, Ratking and Rejjie Snow and I’m waiting for a misstep. It’s not happening though. “A New Place 2 Drown” looks like another cohesive body of work ready to propel the boy, and potentially his brother further once again. The short film encompasses the visual art and poetry strands from the book while the new album from Archy compliments it all. There’s something nice about a couple of brothers getting along. Whenever my brother has helped me out with any of my projects doing some photography or editing, there’s a certain comaraderie that runs deeper than your regular friendship. 

From the banal to the bizarre, it’ll be interesting to see the everyday life of the two lads from South London play out in all these different formats.

Check out the the short documentary below now (this is an update) and click through to their site for more visual impressions. Cheers for reading!

The book is now available to buy from and features unseen artwork, photography and poetry from the brothers.

Film Will Robson-Scott// Poetry & Music Archy Marshall// Edit Luca Campanale// Artwork J G Marshall// Production TOPSAFE