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Deadbeat Soundwave : Playlist 004

DB Soundwave.jpg

Here is the fourth offering from Deadbeat Soundwave. This arrangement as the title goes, is homegrown. That is to say that all of the bands or artists are from Ireland. A lot of them based in and around the Belfast area but I'm sure the spread is a little bigger than that. There's a superb mix of genres here from folk to jazz, rock and pop to progressive and hip hop. It starts pretty mellow and finishes a little more intense.

A lot of these acts have played in the studio at LOFT and killed it so they had to make the cut. Although the tracks included mightn't be their latest outings, such variety of styles and influences on display for such a small scene here is testament to a holistic appreciation for good music. Press play and enjoy. Click through and hit the "follow" button, if you please. Thanks for reading, and hopefully listening.