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(Flipping) Visual Pairing

Once again, I must apologise for the lack of content on the site, but between Summer finally landing in the UK this week and opportunities to see friends becoming more plentiful, I haven't felt the desire to sit at the laptop and talk about something. It's worth noting Pokémon Go came out as well. The child in me has been using spare time for that in fairness. Alas, here's a visual pairing to kick start the week.

Inspired by the Allegory of the Cave from Plato, till today's quantum physics and multiverse theories, a visual essay about perception and knowledge as reflection of our reality.

This first piece comes from Hong-Kong based videographer Visual Suspect. Click through to check out more of his work. The time lapse above takes parts of the Hong Kong skyline, mirroring them across both horizontal and vertical planes. The score fits the piece really well and comes from Dexter Britain. Press play and enjoy. 

Professional free runners Jason Paul and Dimitris Kyrsanidis are back at it again, running, jumping, and flipping across the globe. But this time, we caught them at the Haydarpaşa Port in Turkey, at the entrance of the Bosphorus River.

The next clip sees a couple of dudes testing their free running skills in Istanbul. If you weren't swamped with Pokémon hype in your news feed you'd know that several hundred people lost their lives across the weekend as a failed attempt at a military coup took place in the country. Here's the current status on that situation but in light of that, I just think this video paints an interesting juxtaposition. 

If you're Belfast based and into the arts, there's an event we're running in Town Square on Botanic called Illustrate. Click through for all the details on that and cheers for reading.