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Creative Recycling : Andy Vasquez

As you may have noticed, I’ve had my head down recently with our latest feature series, “The Daily Illustrator”, but that doesn’t mean I’m not sourcing great content to enlighten you with in all other mediums during my down time. Whilst on my nightly prowl across the inter webs, I found this video from Converse CONS project, “Creative Recycling”, featuring skater Andy Vasquez. If you click through, you’ll see he’s a dab hand at creating awesome furniture, homewares and installations, mainly from wood, but at times, casting in concrete. 

"Creative Recycling" : Directed by Jon Holland

This piece shows us his beautiful studio space and takes us through his CONS project, dicing up a skateboard to create a pretty unique stool. Vasquez is a great advocate for the DIY ethic that’s been synonymous with skate culture from the jump. Most of the skaters I know have some sort of creative outlet, from street art to sign painting, coffee making to cheffing or just building their own spots. The two go hand in hand. In this case, it’s a pretty enviable skill being able to turn something considered used and perhaps even broken into a desirable item once again. It’s a pleasant process. It actually brought Haroshi’s artwork to mind which is well worth checking out too. I’m feeling slightly inspired to create something tangible with my hands again. Maybe Eoin and I will finishes those light boxes from last year. Anyway, enough chit chat. Press play and enjoy the video. Cheers for reading.