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Radiohead : Burn The Witch

So. Radiohead are back. The hype is real. Many fans will have noticed their disappearance from the internet altogether in the past week, sparking rumours of a new album release. They actually totally fell off the radar for me in the interim but my buddy Emic is a huge fan and alerted me to the goings on. After a couple of teasers on their Instagram page earlier in the day of their new track, “Burn The Witch”, you can now catch the whole thing by pressing play below.

Radiohead - Burn The Witch.

I’ve probably looped the track as many times as possible now since it went live and I’d say it’s definitely a grower. The way they rolled it out and the accompanying video make for a solid return after five years as well. The little birdsong sample either side of the cut harks back to their last release “The King of Limbs” and again, rhythm is paramount here. However, the electronic sound is ditched in favour of some rich live instrumentation. The string arrangement a top the drone like bass builds up nicely with Thom Yorke’s falsetto vocal into a climatic ending. The video rules, simply put. Chris Hopewell is on directing duties for this paradoxically humble yet sinister looking claymation epic that makes reference to The Wicker Man. Looking forward to the imminent LP release. Enjoy!