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James Blake X Bon Iver : I Need A Forest Fire

James Blake returned with new album "The Colour In Anything" last week. Now, much to my delight, being a heavily visual sort of chap, the video has arrived for the fantastic collaborative effort with Bon Iver, "I Need A Forest Fire". Justin Vernon recently stated the pairings work "...came from wonderful accidents and good friendship." The piece is handled by a couple of gentlemen from United Visual Artists, who will be responsible for Blake's upcoming tour visuals as well. The cinematography is exceptional, making use of the art gallery setting, playing with lighting, shadows and abstract art pieces to create something that'll make you want to press play again.

Directed by United Visual Artists A film by UVA. Directed by Matt Clark in collaboration with Chris Davenport. Taken from 'The Colour In Anything' - out now.

I'd love to throw up a full album review for Blake's latest work but rather unfortunately I haven't even had the time to play the full length in all it's glory. The several tracks I've listened to (couple down below) have given me enough desire though to make time for it this weekend. The cut down below, "My Willing Heart", co- written by Frank Ocean channels that special feeling both artists evoke so poignantly. A sort of indescribable melancholy. I rather like the 90's R&B vibe going on with the vocal dancing across the jazz piano keys, grumbly bass and string section.

"Radio Silence" is just spectacular. The lament in the lyricism is juxtaposed superbly with the syncopated drums, building synths, layered howling and drone like bass. The intro/outro vocal looping is especially beautiful. It's definitely getting the forseeable overplay treatment as of now. Anyway, check out all the audio visual above and below and be sure to pick up the album if it sounds like your bag. 

My Willing Heart// James Blake

Radio Silence// Bon Iver