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FOALS : Give It All

Foals have once again enlisted the talents of Nabil Elderkin for their latest video for the track “Give It All”, above. Another stunning effort which follows on from Elderkin’s insanely good visual interpretation of “Mountain At My Gates”.

That production was shot entirely on GoPros, stitching footage together from multiple cameras to create a spherical view. You can get the full VR experience by watching it on your phone or through the Chrome web browser. It’s arguably better on your phone but below I have attached the Director’s cut. I like this version as it’s immersive enough without becoming too distracting. That said, the virtual experience the Director creates in the official video is most definitely the future. Click through here for that.

The “Give It All” video sticks to a beautifully performed narrative, with little camera trickery other than Nabil’s stunning editing and lighting. Once again, the Director’s cut provides the truest experience. It’s raw, terse emotion. Watch right to the end to find out what I mean. All that’s left to do is press play and enjoy. Foals “What Went Down” is out now. 

Cheers for reading.