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Eagles of Death Metal : Zipper Down

Eagles of Death Metal return with Zipper Down, their fourth LP that sees charasmatic, downright crazy bastard, Jesse “The Devil” Hughes return with his buddy Joshua Homme, of Queen’s of Stone Age fame. And return they do, with typically bizarre, humour driven gusto, pedalled along by the sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll cliché. It’s knowing of this makes it rather a clever project as the self deprecation and awareness is apparent enough to make it enjoyable.  

“This isn’t a side project for me. I’m in two bands. I have musical schizophrenia, and this is one of those personalities. In brief they are amazing.”
— Joshua Homme

So there’s that assumption out the window. Homme takes up production duties and drums here, as with all their albums, they haven’t deviated terribly far from their blueprint.

Noisey’s “Back and Forth” with the two lead men gives a great insight to the roots of their friendship that filters through their brand of classic rock. it’s definitely worth taking ten minutes out of your day to listen to them chat.

Josh Homme and Jesse Hughes from Eagles of Death Metal discuss what it's like to have a camera up your butt for a year, getting starstruck and jamming their music into people's earholes.

If you haven’t checked out Joshua Homme’s “Alligator Hour” on Beats 1, I strongly recommend that as well. If you’re familiar with the “Songs for the Deaf” rock radio skits, there’s a thread of irony in there, but his show is superb and will definitely turn your attention to some unheard aural treasures. As Homme proclaims, “It’s a sexy beast of a show.” and I tend to agree.

Finally check out this trailer for Jesse Hughes new Vice documentary, “The Redemption the Devil”. This looks like it’ll be an enjoyable watch and pleasantly coincides with the album release. 

They say rock and roll is for life, but what happens when one of the wildest, most charismatic rockers in the game hits 40? When he’s had all the sex, drugs and rock and roll there is to have. What does he turn to?
— Jesse Hughes

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