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Levi's® : The 501® Jean : Stories of an Original

Levi’s latest documentary takes an all encompassing look at the ubiquitous 501 jean. Everyone’s owned a pair at one stage or another. My mother, as avid wearer always suggested them in my younger years from a long wearing standpoint. I remember pairing them some Adidas Superstars and cuffing the hem of the leg opening so I didn’t get the bottom of them dirty. Whilst the fit is to my liking now, I can appreciate the longevity and integration into many facets of society that the 501 staple has achieved. This alone makes the clip worth a view. 

Split into three segments, with a runtime of 18 minutes, you’ll find folk legend Ramblin’ Jack Elliot holding down the narrative. Feature interviewees include Henry Rollins, Mark McNairy, Eddie Huang and plenty more. Press play below and swat up on the classic through the filters of work, style and rebellion. Enjoy.