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John Mayer : IWC Big Pilot : Past & Present

John Mayer is undoubtedly one of my favourite recording artists of all time. Apart from arguably being one of the greatest guitarists to live, he has a knack for writing songs that speak a sort of truth that can only be translated through personal experience. That integrity has always spoken to me. On top of that, he's one suave bastard and this feature from the guys at HODINKEE shows his penchant for a certain eclectic style. One that of course can be bought but the way he pieces it all together makes the difference. 

I remember watching their first feature together a few years ago and I've always wanted a Pilot ever since. John basically breaks down his collection in that clip and in the piece below, they pick up where they left off. Press play and enjoy! If you didn't catch my Time Tellers piece from last year, check that here.

" One of the most popular videos we ever did here on HODINKEE was Talking Watches With John Mayer. It was, in actuality, supposed to be a one-off – a look at a well known watch lover's favorite pieces. That video aired all the way back in October of 2013, and to be totally frank, we were just winging it – two guys talking about a few watches with Will there to film it. Now, 22 episodes later, it's safe to say Talking Watches is one of our benchmark editorial products; and so we thought it might be kinda fun to bring back our original guest – Mr. John Mayer – to pick up the conversation and focus on just one of his many horological passions – IWC. For the full story, go here. "