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Good Shoes

 A nostalgic nod to a good  band.

A nostalgic nod to a good band.

So I took a little break from projects to draw a little something for myself in the same vein as one of the pieces written for the site "Trainers, Sneakers, Runners, Kicks." I set about sketching up a few items of footwear that I feel transcend trends once again. So read on down to get a feel and perhaps you might be convinced to invest. 


Dr. Marten's story is steeped in politics and music. A shoe that will never die in whatever guise it's presented in. Aligned with skinhead connotations, DM's image has arguable softened in recent years with a whole gang of celebrity types embracing the shoe. Some things remain the same regardless, even after a corporate buyout, and seemingly this is one of those things. I went for the punk lite version with the Alfie boot a couple of years back after not owning a pair of DM's since my school days.

They maintain many elements from the originals but in a lighter canvas weave. Essentially you can't go wrong with a pair of Doc's, just prepare to torture your feet for a few days breaking them in.

You might question the inclusion of the Adidas ZX Flux but the silhouette will surely become a classic model in years the come. The DNA of the shoe derives from late 80's ZX series models including the ZX8000. Evolving from the past, bringing new technology and techniques for satin photo printing along with it. The shoe is a stripped version of the 25 year old ZX, maintaining the heel cage, a variation of the sole unit, Torsion technology and making the toe box one piece for a cleaner aesthetic. The shoe has been touted as a rival for Nike's Roshe model but I'm not sure it can even be considered in the same league. Yes, there's the minimal branding element and a fast feel to the design but the Flux brings a little more to the table. That said, the Roshe is simply reductive and adding elements would potentially affect it's design integrity. Either way yo should check out those photo printing capabilities by clicking through here for the MiZXFLUX app.

The final shoe this time round, the Clarks desert boot, conceived after  a trip to Burma with the army. Nathan Clark created the shoe that would "never sell', going on to sell ten million pairs and counting in over 100 countries and becoming one of "50 shoes that changed the world" according to the Design Museum.

Celebrity adopters have had their influence in raising it's profile but ultimately it's aesthetic is timeless, laid back and smart all at once. Peep the shoe in all it's variations by clicking through here. Thanks for reading.