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Ed Templeton : Legend

Transworld recently awarded skater, artist and proprietor of Toy Machine, Ed Templeton with the “Legend Award”. They screened this nicely cut little video just before his acceptance speech. Whilst there seems to a hefty load of inspiration from Wes Anderson with the edit, no one should really give a fuck as it’s just a little retrospective. Steve Olson, a man cut from the same ilk as Ed narrates the piece. 

Ed talks through his journey, from seeing a dude ollie up a curb, inspiring him to pick up a board to the realisation that Mark Gonzales did his own graphics leading to the creation of Toy Machine. Much like his buddy Jason Lee, Ed carved out a career that outlasted his competitive days on the board. Some of his artwork and photography is extremely highly sought after, although he doesn’t seem to know why.

Check his Instagram for a daily dose of his documentary photo style with his Huntington Beach Pier photo series. Ed’s sensibility pretty much embodies a lot of what most skaters are about. So press play and enjoy the short. Cheers for reading.