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JBF Customs : Incomparable

So I peeped this yesterday but I was too down with the flu to draw, write or basically function correctly, thus sharing today. Jacob Blaise Ferrato, or “JBF Customs” as he is more commonly known on the interwebs is a purveyor of handmade sneakers.

He started his career making custom augmentations to shoes firstly with paint, then deconstructions, working towards creating his own silhouettes. It’s been a process that has taken some 6 or 7 years to perfect. I often think the descriptor “handmade” is terribly over looked when it comes to product. With this video, JBF shows it's worth beyond doubt.

During this 8 minute cut from Ian Moore, we follow Jacob into his studio based out of Cleveland, Ohio as he goes through the process from start to finish, making one of his own “Terrazzo” models. Ian did a stellar job of focussing on the maker's hand, just glimpsing every so often at Jacob, it keeps you mesmerised by the handling of the tools and materials. Whilst the vegetable tanned sneaks are not to my taste, I can appreciate the insane amount of work and craftsmanship that goes into each pair.

This video really does Jacob’s work justice, lifting the veil and perhaps, giving those who turn their nose up at the $1000 dollar price tag a justification and further insight. Sadly in today’s society, it’s much needed given the culture of immediacy we experience day to day. If you’re interested in owning a pair or simply having a look at what other work Jacob has done, click through here. Otherwise, press play and enjoy. Cheers for reading.