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Danny MacAskill : Fearless

Danny MacAskill returns to our screens with his latest GoPro edit, "Cascadia". Here, Danny graces the pastel rooftops of a sun drenched Gran Canaria.

It's a stark contrast to my, and probably most people's introduction to the Scottish rider with "Way Back Home" some five years ago. Since then his videos have gone viral, with the help of Red Bull and a pretty simple, but awesome, showcasing formula.

Cut Media production "The Ridge" has amassed some 40 million views to date. Danny takes his bike to the top of a mountain ridge and rides down it in terrifyingly badass fashion. Each ride since, equally death-defying, this time round we see Danny make another landscape his playground (and bitch). This guy has balls of steel. There's no other way to describe it. The precision and skill level is almost inhuman. 

The little radio skit narrative either side of the new riding footage is a bit of fun. Danny straps his GoPro Hero 4 to his noggin and gives us a shit-your-pants view from start to finish. The music is a great accompaniment, something we've become accustom to with his productions. This track, "Fools" by The Dodos. Two crazy standouts, the Yellow School Gap, the behind the scenes of which are coming out soon, and the finale. The tracking drone shots, multiple POV angles and probably once in a lifetime shots make for a mesmerising experience.