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Notorious B.I.G. X Metro Boomin

There isn't much to say, other than press play on this mix from DJ/producers duo, Chi Duly and MICK so I'll keep it short. New era heavyweight Metro Boomin's trap infused beats get laced with some Biggie Smalls vocals in this surprisingly good mash up. The mix arrived 19 years to the day that B.I.G. passed away. Again, late to the party. The gents behind it even pay homage to the old school album art, adding Metro's hairstyle and MICK's son's face to the original baby's body from the Ready To Die cover. (See below) Although skeptical at first, given a metric shit tonne of mash ups are god awful, I had the 30 minute mix on repeat yesterday morning whilst I worked away in Established. Biggie's delivery and lyrical content actually sits really well against Metro's indelible style. So yeah, press play and enjoy. Cheers for reading.