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Four Tet : Boiler Room

Four Tet’s latest Boiler Room set at the Roundhouse London landed in my inbox this evening much to my delight. After a day of running around, I finally sat down at my desk to pick up the pen, feeling rather uninspired I thought I’d throw it on. If you can, get your split view on the go and enjoy the light show in this one. Whilst you could just listen to the ambient instrumental vibes, the visuals here are spectacular. 

Squid Soup provide “The Ocean of Light” rig as a backdrop. The lighting project aims to “explore the creative potential of large 3D arrays of controllable LEDs.” If you click through to the their blog, they speak on the idea in more depth. A metric shit tonne of LEDs (that’s about 5,000 to the layman) are programmed and controlled real time using custom built software to produce stunning results. They chat pretty honestly about not really knowing the ropes initially when it came to stage lighting, used to showcasing their work in art galleries and public spaces. Extensive years experimenting with the rig makes for a masterful, immersive and mesmeric performance in collaboration with the artist here. 

If you want to see more of this kind of thing, click through here for a Purity Ring performance where the band manipulate the lighting on stage in conjunction with the rig. It looks amazing. Even if you can’t dedicate over an hour to watching it, throwing the stream on available here, in the background while you work or chill will cap off your day nicely. Cheers for reading.