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Team Supreme : Strength In Numbers

This is a pretty cool documentary for any budding beat makers out there. Ableton presents a new documentary entitled “Strength In Numbers”. Team Supreme is one of the most prolific beat making teams there are with a roster that includes Mr Carmack, Penthouse Penthouse, Djemba Djemba and AWE to name a few. Click through to there site for the full line up. If you haven’t heard of the collective, the best recommendation I can make is to click through to their page and throw on one of their beat cyphers. There’s fucking hours worth of material on their Soundcloud so get dug in. It’s the kind of stuff that’s immense to work to. Not too distracting, diverse and drives along with awesome synths, break beats and rich textures and melodies.

Back to the documentary though. This piece was a nice watch from the jump. You get a pretty transparent look at how the collective formed in the “post-music industry”, Soundcloud generation. Members from the team talk about their humble beginnings at college, creating their first mixtape, post college, with a Biggie sample, to then making weekly beat cyphers. This cut is all about process, learning, inspiration and collaboration. There’s some great tips for creatives in general in here and it really speaks for being open to working together, sharing knowledge, experience and aiding progression through open mindedness. Press play and check it out. Cheers!