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Things That Are Well Good : Five Tracks

Five Tracks.jpg

Things That Are Well Good returns. This time, throwing together some musical choices from the past week or so after a period of solely listening to The Neighbourhood and Tame Impala. Read on for a couple videos and some new releases. Isaiah Rashad returns with audio visual offering, “Smile”. The TDE signee continues to do his thing with this suitably seedy visual, directed by PANAMÆRA, compliments the harsh words he’s got for that baby momma back home. Follow up to Cilvia Demo presumably on the way? Well Good.

"No More Parties In L.A." sees Kanye West return to that old school flow, letting us know “The writer’s block is over, MC’s cancel your plans.” There’s a quintessential flagrance to his bars, which go on for around 4 minutes solid. It’s impressive, nostalgic, braggadocious and ig’nant in the best kind of way. The Madlib production is superb. A fine sample, twanging bassline and nice drums that compliment Kendrick’s cadence superbly. On a sidenote, the vocal mixing after’s verse seems a bit off to me but I don’t claim to be a sound engineer by any means. Maybe I’ve just been blasting shit for too long. Highly likely.

“Real Friends” came out over a week ago. I know, I know, more Kanye? Yes. It’s good. The Ty Dolla $ign vocal sounds so nice with this production. It sounds like a My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy beat which is probably why I like it so much. There’s a soothing, melancholic quality to the record. The vulnerability and subject matter at hand only enhances that sentiment. I think when people say, old Kanye is back, it’s probably because we’re getting that quality production and honest lyricism again. Perhaps there is more of a focussed desire to do what he does best and that’s why it works. 

Anderson Paak released his debut album last week off the back of an immense year that saw him make a massive contribution to the legendary Dr, Dre’s last ever album “Compton”. ‘Come Down” by Paak will perhaps draw comparisons to Kendrick’s latest cuts with the funky bassline and clipping hi hats. The Hi-Tek production is quality and the whole album will most definitely be getting the overplay treatment whilst I work this week.

Last up, we have the visual for one of my favourite tracks from Mac Miller’s major label debut, GO:OD AM. The track it probably the most “main-stream” you’ll see here, but it’s definitely got the replay factor and it’s fun. We hear Mac talk about the temptations that come with fame, the drugs and alcohol, too much money and simply saying, “fuck it”. Let me know what you’re listening to in the comments below and enjoy these when you can. Thanks!