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You might recall the very first piece on the Deadbeat site in the Music section, "The Power Of Animation". If not click through and check it out. I have found another worthy inclusion for that list in the shape of the video for BOOTS (Jordan Asher) track C.U.R.E. BOOTS was a somewhat enigmatic character upon signing to ROC Nation a couple of years ago. Now he's got writing and production credits for artists such as FKA Twigs, Beyoncé and perhaps most to my taste, Run The Jewels. Coincidentally, this track is something you could most definitely hear El P put some bars over. BOOTS delivery and cadence is cool and collected. verging on not giving a fuck. The track is rich and textured, swimmy synths pound over a flexing bass line and clanky drums. It bangs. 

"C.U.R.E." from BOOTS' upcoming album AQUARIA. 

The animator, Anthony F. Schepperd's work is instantly recognisable. His palette has an acidic quality that's intriguing to look it. Click through for some of his other projects such as award nominated music video "Two Against One" by Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi, starring Jack White and Nora Jones. Schepperd has a great feel and ability to transpose rhythmn as you find his frame by frame animation synchronises superbly with whatever track is playing. It would seem both gentlemen are just getting started so look out for more of their work through their various social media and channels. Thanks for reading.