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The art section of the Deadbeat site will include artist interviews, exhibition reviews, recaps and personal projects incorporating illustration and collaboration.

Dearth : First Print Edition

Check out the first run of prints from Deadbeat. The prints roughly measure 185 mm x 130 mm. (A5) The size of the print may be a millimetre or two bigger or smaller as they are hand cut to finish. The paper is high quality 200 gsm Fabriano. There are framing options available. I’m offering further options including hand illustrated frames. Each print is signed on the back, numbered in this first run of 20, priced £15 and will ship in a do not bend envelope.

“Dearth” is the culmination of a visual language built up over several years of doodling, sketching and finally, polished illustration. These pieces have always aimed to let your eye wonder across the work and select parts to love and loathe all at once.

All of the feelings, memories and iconography that goes in is subjective and each element links to the next in some meandering way. 

I’d hope that everyone could find a narrative in the work, whether they like that narrative or not, it will serve a purpose. These pieces have been compared to tattoo flash before and as such, might serve a similar purpose in giving you reference for an idea to commission. If you’d like that, send a message through the “Work With Us” page. Thanks for reading and hopefully picking one up here.