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WhiteWash XIII : Visual Impressions


I headed over to T13 to check out Whitewash on Saturday evening after two great days in LOFT, for Belfast Open Studios.

Upon arrival, the first thing that hit you was not only the soundtrack courtesy of Spliff Richard and Bloomer White, but, how great a venue T13 is to host such an event.

The talented bunch of artists, this time, featured EMIC, RASK, FRIZ, DEBUT, MARCA MIX, ADW, KVLR, JMK, VERZ, MORGAN and of course organiser, DMC. This roster provided arguably the best mix of Whitewash pieces yet. Each artist putting their own narrative and stamp on the wall.

I set around the event, chatting to a few of the guys and taking some pictures. Although I don't profess to be a photographer, some of the iPhone snaps came out pretty nice, even with difficult lighting.

I can't recommend this event enough. It's free. The artwork is superb. You can experience the process. There is an opportunity to chat to the artists (all super friendly might I add).

To top it off, the music is great and really drives the evening along with a nice vibe. 


I illustrated a few more of the guys since the last Hit The North exhibition recap which you can find here. If you hover over their portraits and tap on their name you can find more of their work.

For the official final snaps, head over to the Whitewash Event page on Facebook here. Be sure to head to the next one, wherever it may be. Beyond that, I believe Seedhead Arts have started running a walking tour of the Belfast's street art so if that interests you, head over to their page here. Thanks for reading.