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Drink And Draw : Recap/Progress

Drink and Draw made its return to LOFT, Tuesday 29th of September. The story, for those not in the know, is that myself, Emic and Brian Kielt host a free BYOB life drawing session each month in the studio, sponsored by our good friends at InkMonkey. 

Drink and Draw.jpg

We start the evening off with 2minute drawings, moving to 5, 10 and if anyone is brave enough, 15 and 20 minute poses, sitting or standing. Audience members are encouraged to participate to diversify subject matter, but if not, we have some trusty regulars. At the end of the evening, simply pick your favourite drawing, everyone casts a vote and thus, we have a winner!

Anna Sikora took home the prize on the night, a gift voucher and folder from InkMonkey, with her drawing of former winner, David McClelland. (David Creative) Studio member, Brian Kielt joined in on Periscope via cartoonist, Brian John Spencer, drawing across the duration of the night and even casting a vote. Top notch.

Thanks to all those who attended and we look forward to next month’s event hosted in partnership with ADF. The event link is here, with details on how to reserve a spot as this should be a busy one. To celebrate the inaugural Belfast Design Week, LOFT are pleased to announce that the monthly Drink and Draw event will be held at the Arts and Disability Forum space on Royal Avenue on the 6th November.

It’s been awesome to see how far Drink and Draw has come since its inception a few years ago. We’re so thankful that people are receptive to this thing we’ve created and nurtured. From a group of 5 or 6 friends a few years ago, to around 30-50 people attending regularly now. We can only hope it continues to grow.

Check the comparison photos from last year versus now and some kind words from Brian John Spencer.  

 Drink and Draw 2014

Drink and Draw 2014

Amazing where LOFT Belfast has come with tenacity and dedication!
— Brian John Spencer
 Drink and Draw 2015

Drink and Draw 2015

Loft came out of a need for studio space after leaving university. Since 2012 the collective has grown to encompass a wide range of artistic practices with common goals – to develop our individual practices and widen the scope for collaboration. Loft aims to leave a positive impact on the local and wider art community in Northern Ireland.

We consider ourselves to be facilitators, opening the studio for events such as this, exhibitions, Voicebox, gigs and shooting music videos, is something we're really passionate about. We want to share our space in heart of the city, and ultimately create a network. Hopefully we'll see more of these opportunities to engage and if you want to do so before the next D&D, come down to Open Studios for a cup of tea and a chat, October 24th and 25th. 

Cheers for reading.