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HOMME LESS, a film by Thomas Wirthenson is a piece rife with oxymora. The film looks at the life of former male model turned television/film extra and now fashion photographer, Mark Reay. Now in his late 50’s, Mark has become the centre of a documentary depicting his life as a homeless man in New York, whilst maintaining an active social life and working for the publication, Dazed & Confused, as a photographer. 

    The intriguing story portrays Mark as a dapper gentlemen, well groomed, in a designer suit, roaming the streets of New York, at times, with his camera taking street style photos or backstage at fashion shows. It’s a bizarre juxtaposition knowing that for six years, whilst presumably maintaining this facade, he went to sleep at night under a sheet of tarpaulin and a sleeping bag on a Manhattan rooftop.

     Definitely a fascinating story on the surface that will hopefully delve further into what it means to be called homeless, challenging perceptions and demonstrating a human being’s relationship with sacrifice for a greater goal. Catch the trailer of HOMME LESS above and look out for it coming to a streaming service soon.