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UsFolk : Launch

They’ve had a brief mention on the site a couple of times recently, but last Thursday night finally saw the launch of Belfast’s first and only illustration agency, UsFolk. The guys decided to put on a showcase, hosting an exhibition in their airy Queen Street studio gallery space. Agency member, David McMillan lent his signature artwork to the beautiful risograph promotional flyers and labels for the tasty, souvenir worthy, Brewbot beers on hand. He participated a couple months back, in our series, The Daily Illustrator which you can find hereif you wish to know more about his work.

The work in the show essentially demonstrates the unique qualities that each artist brings to the roster at UsFolk. Playful, diverse and communicative. And if you missed the launch you can still make your way to 37 Queen Street until Friday 29th April. 

You can find some visual impressions from the evening in the gallery below from Donnie Wright. If you click through here, you can find one of Filly Campbell's stories, where he covered the launch of the current show at Catalyst as well. Cheers for reading.