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Maxime Buchi : 1000

Maxime Buchi releases a limited edition publication aptly entitled “1000”. You can pre order your copy for £150 through the webstore here. This would make for an excellent resource for tattoo artists or a beautiful addition to the coffee table stack for you regular tattoo lovers out there. If you’re unfamiliar with Maxime’s work, click through to his feed here and find the other impressive roster of artists working in his London shop, Sang Bleu. I first came across Sang Bleu a couple of years ago after looking for references to create my own piece. 

The magazine is currently on hiatus for the next year but bookmark it for the future as it’s a great resource with regular quality content. Another offshoot which I only came across today is the SBiX clothing line. It’s an entity in itself that presents a cohesive collection of monochrome screen printed and embroidered garments. I’d probably have just about everything if I could justify dropping a over a £1000 on new clothes. The custom Nike apparel from the tech capsule collection is especially nice. Check it all out through the links and thanks for reading.