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Illustrate : Recap

Illustrate went down a treat once again at Town Square on Wednesday night. A few of my friends from Usfolk came down to grace the boards for some live drawing, beers and music from the Drone Mansions chaps.

Sharon Ross commandeered her own 8'x4' board, throwing down a nice beach scene in the space of a couple of hours. Conor McClure made some additions to a piece that started at our last event. I personally enjoyed his little dark Pokémon Go reference.

Finally we had Jamie Beard and Billy Woods inside creating a superb piece that'll be continued next time round. Thanks to everyone who came down across the night and those who were interesting in joining in next time. It'll probably be September time as I'm off to Canada and America next month. 

Unfortunately we were too busy having fun to get many photos but check out a couple of snaps Billy got at the end of the night below and hopefully you can make it to the next one when it comes around. Be sure to check out Usfolk's Pride exhibition come August 4th. Cheers for reading!