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In Residence : Ian Simpson

NOWNESS presents in Residence with British architect, Ian Simpsondirected by Emile Rafael. Here, Ian talks about the space, or sanctuary as he refers to it, that he created in his two-storey penthouse apartment atop the Beetham Tower. This was conceived around a decade ago and holds the mantle for being the tallest building in the UK outside London and one of the slimmest skyscrapers in the world with a 12:1 ratio. 

Impressive. Although I have my reservations about the facade, Ian's living space is immaculate. The vignette displays Ian's desirable furniture collection as he speaks on the way the light cascades across the different spaces he's articulated. The semi indoor garden contains a collection of 5-6 metre olive, lemon and oak trees " order to give it a sense of scale." Press play and take the quick four minute tour. It's worth your time for the inspiration to work hard today in whatever you're at. Enjoy!