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Container : Space

I finally got my hands on one of FRAMEWERK Belfast’s inaugural ‘zines, “Container”. This free bi-monthly publication features the response to a given word from artists and writers in the city. This time around, we had “space”. Not only am I glad to have the physical object in my possession, but it’s nice to see my little segment about losing our studio space, the LOFT featured amongst some other great pieces. I particularly enjoyed Andrew Harrison’s “Edinburgh, Flat Party, 2:00am”. 

The little nuances in the print, the offset letterpress and even the little blotches of ink across the paper bring weight to the process, ultimately creating a rather desirable, tangible artefact. You essentially get limited edition artwork on the back to boot, with this one featuring a print by current FRAMEWERK intern, Elena Carrasco. If you want to get your hands on one, I noticed that Dragon Records had a few left but if you aren’t so lucky, click through the link here to read the contributions and check out some images of “Container” below. Cheers for reading.