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Flatspot : Thankyou

So I got a text from my old landlord yesterday letting me know a package arrived for me at my old house. I thought it was weird as although it's my birthday tomorrow, no one suggested they'd be sending me anything and certainly not to my old address. Given that I live around the corner I took the short stroll and upon arrival was further perplexed by the package that greeted me. 

The box was a Flatspot package. Apparently it arrived last week. I knew I hadn't ordered anything so again, bizarre, but I made my way back home, bagging a swish 30 pence dinner from the local supermarket on the way. You know one of those ones that's meant to be like £4 or something? So yeah, feeling good. I opened the package and here is what you see in the photos.

An awesome cruiser deck in collaboration with Nathaniel Russell. The illustration work is right up my street. I typed up the little note Andy from Flatspot put in the poster pamphlet giving the story behind the gift. Read that below. I also scanned the little thank you message to check out too.

In 1991 I had become obsessed with New Deal and Andy Howell.

His new deck had dropped in my local store and was in all the magazines. The only means of getting one was to work the summer for minimum wage. Will I get paid enough? Will the board sell out? At the time I was skating drift wood.

Several weeks later the deck was still in the store. I had just enough to buy it. It was mine. The anticipation of the first skate was fever pitch, it was going to be at the school car park down the road from my house.

Once there, just a short way into the session - while taking a sit down for a minute admiring my freshly made and barely skated board - almost as if in slow motion, I watched as a car ran over the tail snapping it clean off and without flinch just… driving away…

Inspired by the memory of this moment and the deck itself, we have made you this gift of a skateboard. This custom deck was illustrated by Nathaniel Russell and commemorates not just the Andy Howell deck, but also the hard work, saving up, getting paid, setting up and that bit just before you skate.
— Andy, Flatspot.

To sum up, the best thank you I've received as a customer from any company and just solidifying why I love to shop with Flatspot. Pleasant coincidence that it got to me around my birthday as well. Double whammy. Check the photos and make your way to their site to pick up some gear. Cheers for reading.