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War Money Freedom : Emic Exclusive Prints

Sunday 31st January will see the release of "War Money Freedom", a series of 9 hand-finished transfer prints on wood by Emic. Following our interview, the first ever we ever conducted, we had a chat about releasing some exclusive prints. That time has come. Emic has been in the studio for some time now creating test pieces, trying different finishes and perfecting the process that goes into these unique works. Each print features a skull with war bonnet laid over a silver and gold painted background making each piece one of a kind.

The nine prints work together as one artwork, as well as individual prints. The release is inspired by mistrust of government rhetoric in recent times. Looking forward to creating owners for these pieces and show you some more detailed images come Sunday. There's a little biography below for those who don't know Emic. Cheers for reading.

Emic is an urban artist based in Belfast at Loft Studio where he is one of the co-founders. Since 2012 he has been painting and pasting around the UK and Ireland, steadily building his reputation. The Artist paints on walls and canvas using a combination of aerosols and acrylics and oils. His Artwork features human subjects combined with abstraction, inspired by markings on walls within cities and architecture.