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Director's Roundtable

If you have an hour spare in your day, I strongly urge you to check out this piece by The Hollywood Reporter. Whilst I’m not completely enamoured with the interviewer’s style, many have said worse about him. You may find issue, as I did, with the way he shuts people down mid flow. But if you can get past that annoyance, the setting is pretty unique. Here, we have a table full of award winning directors openly discussing a range of topics within film.

The year's most notable directors join for The Hollywood Reporter's Writer Oscar Roundtable. The directors include Quentin Tarantino ('The Hateful Eight'), Tom Hooper ('The Danish Girl'), Alejandro G. Inarritu ('The Revenant'), Ridley Scott ('The Martian'), Danny Boyle ('Steve Jobs') and David O. Russell ('Joy').

It’s pretty relaxed, going into some technical stuff, background stories, working methods and the current state of the film industry. Tarantino really gets it from the jump and his contributions throughout are surprisingly good. Exorbitant prices of cinema tickets coupled with the fact there’s about 30 minutes of adverts pre show really taints the idea for a great number of people. Many clearly don’t like the idea anymore. Save for superhero franchises, Disney and the occasional majorly hyped independent, Netflix and quality television reign supreme. 

During the conversation, little tidbits pop up on the screen with visual references that pertain. This is pretty smart so you don’t feel disconnected even though the references aren’t terribly obscure. Not much else to say, but press play and enjoy.On another note, I'm very much looking forward to Alejandro G. Inarritu’s “The Revenant” coming out next week. If you fancy some more roundtable, check out this superb comedy based one below.

Comedy acting Emmy nominees Ricky Gervais ('Derek'), Don Cheadle ('House of Lies') and Will Forte ('The Last Man on Earth') join Fred Armisen ('Portlandia') and Jordan Peele ('Key & Peele') sit down at the roundtable.