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The Internet's Own Boy

The Internet's Own Boy is the inspiring, thought provoking and ultimately tragic documentary based on the life of socio-political activist and prodigious character, Aaron Swartz. This is an engrossing watch from start to finish with narration from family and friends to deliver the impact of Aaron's actions to enable and empower society, provoke deeper thought and ultimately leave his mark in history. Aaron is a modern day martyr for the freedom to access to knowledge and information, "killed by the old world” in the words of his mother.  

I feel as though the film will resonate with many as it makes a human connection to the internet age, something that is inescapable in our society today. Aaron’s wealth of knowledge and abundance of talent couldn’t save him from a somewhat corrupt system looking to make an example of him. The documentary tells of Aaron's story, to the point of arguably unjust federal indictment for data theft.  Perhaps, the perspective from the prosecution side is under represented, but seemingly they didn’t want to be involved in the film. 

    When I look at Aaron’s life and the fact he ended that life at the same age as me now, with so many accomplishments and potential, it’s saddening that he felt so helpless and trapped. I’d urge anyone watch this crowd funded, award winning piece and leave you with something that stuck with me. 

You literally ought to be asking yourself all the time, what is the most important thing in the world I could be working on right now? And if you are not working on that, why aren’t you?
— Aaron Swartz

“The Internet’s Own Boy” is available to stream now on many services such as Netflix and Google Play or available to purchase from iTunes. I have infact attached the whole film to watch through the Deadbeat site, if you wish. Check that out below and thanks for reading.