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Mmuseumm X Microdot : Smaller Spaces

Nestled in an alley in Lower Manhattan, Mmuseumm is perhaps the world's smallest museum. The converted elevator shaft plays host to a rotating selection of cultural flotsam and jetsam, curated to help viewers make sense of the mystery and madness of life today. - Huck Magazine

If you can spare a few minutes, press play above to watch a superbly executed video about a great concept coming to fruition. The piece looks at contemporary culture and use of space in a way that reminds me of something a Belfast based artist explored a couple of years ago. Not to take any light away from the aforementioned video at all as these are two different little beasts. Both are a fun exercise in re-appropriation of space. The actual units, perhaps considered somewhat useless because of their dimensions, ultimately providing something of worth. Posing questions. Mmmuseum potentially pertains to a different audience having seen some of it's contents, you could say it's a little darker than what Microdot was trying to achieve. But at a stretch for a metaphor they're like the same joke with two different punchlines. Both playful in their presentation of art and artefact.

Microdot was born and laid to rest in 2013, conceived by Queen Street Studios artist David Turner. Arguably the smallest gallery in the world, unless anybody knows of a smaller space? Microdot hosted a spate of shows in its short lifespan, from the originators own work to Brendan Jamison, Rachel Campbell-Palmer, Lusky and internationally renowned street artist Banksy. It's a testament to making do with what you have, where you are. Check out some images from the space below. Cheers for reading.