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Outsider : DMC

Time to recycle this drawing again. First used in our Hit The North exhibition recap you can find here. “Outsider” is a beautiful short centred on street artist, DMC, showcasing a selection of his work, both in process and upon completion. The artists narrates throughout the piece, each sentence strung together, considered and thought provoking.

The cinematography is superb, inter splicing slow motion captures, aerial tracking shots, some nice close ups and perhaps my favourite part, the sketch book time-lapse sequence. The track by Flight Facilities is an inspired choice and stunning accompaniment to the visuals. You can click through here to abuse the repeat button on Soundcloud. These words from DMC stuck with me,

Art is a beautiful introduction to an ugly world. It’s the vehicle in which I’ve chosen to travel through life. It’s everything to me.

Click through here to see more of director Rua Meegan’s work. Director, Owen Farrell’s work can be found here and of course DMC’s work, here. Thanks for reading.