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Visual Impressions: NI Coffee Festival

Katie McQuillan is a film maker and videographer studying animation based in Belfast. I was put onto her work by Mark Mullan, one of her colleagues at UUB Creatives.

Check out their site as they share some common goals with us, here at Deadbeat. It’s great to see initiative forming something that not only has the potential to be tangible, but substantial in the art college. UUB Creatives have taken the reigns with the view to create dialogue, open opportunities and allow for collaboration to happen, ultimately something that was missing.

All they need now, is people to get on board. Here is their mission statement:

UUB Creatives is a Belfast Campus society for the “Creative” in all of us. We want to Introduce Creators, Form a Community and Encourage Entrepreneurs. Mostly we want to creative a social network that expands beyond just our course mates, and give ourselves an identity as the new age creative community from Norn Iron.
— UUB Creative Society

Katie’s beautifully shot piece delivers visual impressions of the inaugural NI Coffee festival which took place just over a week ago. The festival was held at T13, where you could sample all things coffee related. However, if coffee isn’t your bag, there was some tea, music and food thrown in the mix as well. Most definitely looking forward to the next one.

Check out the video and look out for some collaborative efforts from Deadbeat and the guys at UUB Creative in the near future. You can find more of Katie's work via her Youtube channel, here.  Cheers for reading.